Safety & Rules

The best two things to remember are safety and respect. In order to access the space, you must first complete Safety Training. Check the calendar for safety training times. Alternatively, contact  to arrange a safety training session.

  1. Get Help To ask for help, send email to the list garage142-l (at)
  2. Be safe. Safety first – tie back your hair; don’t cut material or use sharp blades on your lap or near your femoral artery; don’t walk away from rotating (i.e., the CNC Mill) or hot equipment (i.e., a soldering iron); know where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher are; ask the TA or CPSC technical support staff for help with a problem or small emergency; call 911 if an injury or life-threatening situation arises; know how to quickly shut off or shut down equipment; don’t eat or drink (this space contains lead and melted metals and plastics); wash your hands before entering and after leaving the space
  3. Respect the space. Keep the space clean; proactively clean up messes you notice but may not have caused; use one thing at a time; don’t monopolize lab bench space or equipment time; don’t bring food or drink (a sealed water bottle is OK) or strong-smelling items into the lab
  4. Respect the equipment, materials, and supplies. No outside tools; do not take Garage-142 equipment or tools out of the lab. Lockers are provided just inside the door for your bags and stuff (to minimize tripping hazards). Be mindful of the things you create that may have sharp edges or be potentially hazardous to others
  5. Equipment Doesn’t Have Legs As the last rule stated, do not take equipment out of the Garage, even on a temporary basis. This is a shared facility; let’s work together to avoid a Gadgetry Tragedy of the Commons.
  6. Respect the staff and fellow lab users. Be considerate of others around you; be helpful; be mindful of noise levels and distractions (some operations are fairly delicate)
  7. Sign in and out. You are responsible for signing into the space using the log book or other available sign-in procedure as determined by the TA on duty. You must sign out using the same mechanism.
  8. Clean up. You are responsible for cleaning up your workspace before you leave, and only signing out when your space is clear. Plan ahead and build in cleanup time to your time spent in the lab. Signing out without cleaning up will result in immediate revocation of access to the space. You may use the blue bins to store a work-in- progress.